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Art museums on the Web  Art museums are going on-line in a big way. In our first installment, we visit Paris, Madrid and St. Petersburg, Russia. Explore the world's great repositories of beauty and discover for yourself the wonder of art - in cyberspace!
Interview with Brilllo  An Arts-exclusive interview with Brilllo. We discuss his autobiography Topiary Bear and visit his studio in Carmel, California.

Explore Joseph Mallord William Turner's masterpiece in oil The Grand Canal, Venice painted in 1835.

Digital Abstract Expressionism
Digital Abstract Expressionism has attracted much attention in recent years. In this gallery we showcase the work of Edvard Reiter, Carmel's own resident artiste digitale.

Cave Paintings
Cave Paintings: the oldest human art on the planet! These five examples from the Paleolithic Age offer insight into the world that existed tens of thousands of years ago.

Courtesy of the Hubble Space Telescope: perhaps the oldest art in the universe. You be the judge!

Much closer to Earth, we find another "art form" that has enchanted us for millennia.

Impressions of Devon
Basil Baker's cousin, Isabella Baker, sends us her watercolor impressions of Devon, England, ancestral home of all things Baker.
Sublime, timeless music! Treat yourself to everything Wolfie wrote - all in one boxed set (170 CDs)!

And much more... And much more...

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