Our literary critic selects four of Shakespeare's sonnets particularly appropriate to the season - above and below the equator!

 Jan Brett has written and illustrated dozens of children's books and her website is a treasure trove of fun. She even has "storyboards" of The Hat and The Mitten which give you a look at this gifted artist's creative imagination at work. A+




Our music critic reviews a recording of Beethoven's Sixth Symphony, "The Pastoral" - and explains why this is essential listening for any season.
  Ever since Anthony Andrews' Lord Sebastian Flyte (Brideshead Revisited, 1981) unabashedly toted his teddy Aloysius to lectures at Oxford, our film critic has been eagerly awaiting other actors to come out of the closet and admit their love for teddy bears. In an investigative tour-de-force, our 'reporter' goes under the covers to expose one of Hollywood's best kept secrets about the stars and who they really sleep with.

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