Rafe and Rolli

So, one morning, these two cats

(ok, they were actually bears)

trip into this stone merchant

on the high street

near Los Gatos Boulevard

(you know the place)

determined to come out

wearing matching ruby earware


The stone merchant's assistant

(the stone merchant, out to an early lunch)

was eager to help, but declared

in no uncertain terms

(i.e. emphatically)

that surgical procedures

would be required—absolutely—

before said ruby earrings

could, you know, actually be worn


So, these two cats

(who were actually bears)

pooled their emotional resolve

and let the stone merchant's assistant

have her way

(she was, actually, quite attractive)


The surgical procedures were

painless and these two cats

(who were . . . oh, nevermind!)

even contemplated—briefly—

a second piercing,

but decided it might

send the wrong message.


And so, about an hour later

Rafe and Rolli

left the stone merchant's

without ever meeting

the bossbear herself

(a long lunch always an owner's prerogative)

looking quite the pair

as their gold and ruby earrings

glimmered brightly in the noonday sun.





© 2006 Stephan J Harper. All rights reserved.

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