The Golly

When the Golly does appear
His eyes full with delight
Soon your bears are often gone
On mischief half the night

You blame the Golly - but of course -
For leading them astray
All the while you secretly
Wish you'd gone their way

So one fine night you wait and wait
When just past sleep you hear him call
"Come follow" in a whisper faint
And soon you're off to follow all

Oh, what a merry crew he leads
Dancing out ahead
A minstrel tune you seem to hear
Or is it in your head?

Through forests thick with thistle weed
And night blooms all around
You follow him into a glen
Where friends all gather round

"Come all ye, come all!"
You hear the Golly say
That's the cue that tells you to
Lead the games and play

First, there's roly-poly
And hurdy-gurdy, too
Skip jump leads to hide-and-seek
Back in the woods they flew

All alone you count to ten
("So many bears to find")
But Golly knows just where to go
("Thank goodness he's so kind")

And soon you've all made camp again
It seems you never tire
Telling stories and singing songs
And laughing by the fire

All night long the revels last
'Til dawnlight calls for home
And you awake all snug and warm
While Golly waits the next night's roam





© 1998 Basil Baker & Company. All rights reserved.

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