Title: rainforest
Author/Photographer: Thomas Marent
Publisher: DK (Dorling Kindersley)
ISBN: 0756619408 Published: 2006

You can feel Iquaçu Falls rumbling in your feet before you see it. Next you hear its thunder and feel the mist on your face. Finally, you step to the edge of a gaping chasm and the ground drops away, revealing the most spectacular waterfall in South America. This is where Brazil's mighty Iquaçu River, having gathered strength for more than 600 miles (1000 km), plunges over the edge of a gigantic, shattered slab of basalt rock - the remains of a prehistoric lava flow. Every second 5,000 tons of water hurtles down into a mist-filled abyss, producing clouds of spray and rainbows everywhere. - Thomas Marent


From the Book: "Iquaçu Falls lies on the border of Brazil and Argentina. where the Iquaçu River pours off a basalt planteau in 27 separate cascades."




























From the Book: "The most violent part of Iquaçu Falls is the 'Devil's Throat,' a horseshoe formation where 14 waterfalls join in the wet season to form a defeaning wall of water."