I was called to Venice by my Uncle Clive to discover who was stealing priceless antique Venetian glass from palazzi and museo throughout the City. The local police were baffled; and the local press had declared the crime spree Il Maladora di Venezia.

Venice Under Glass is an exciting tale for fantasy lovers of every age. The story is taken directly from my journal, where I record all my cases—protecting the names of the innocent of course—and my Venetian assignment proved to be a head-scratching, fur-bristler for everyone involved. And it's all happening during Carnevale di Venezia.

Venice Under Glass is a MultiTouch Book created for the iPad: 160 pages, 100+ color illustrations and beautiful 3-D animated scenes of Venezia.

You can download Venice Under Glass from iTunes for only $5.99! Free Preview available.

Publication Date: March 16, 2014.

Book your travel plans and join me for a trip to La Serenissima. We'll meet by the Rialto in a little café overlooking Canal Grande.