Hello, it's me again. Basil Baker. You may be wondering why we're here. Oddly enough, my website started out as a picture book (you can guess the title). "How I solved a mystery in one day" begins my journal entry. I record all my cases and wanted to tell the story of that day, as unusual as it was. I wrote it up (some of the names had to be changed to protect the innocent) and dutifully sent manuscript, with sample illustration, to New York. Weeks passed, then months. Seasons changed. New cases were taken on and solved. While we were waiting and waiting (book publishers are very busy people) someone said "Hey, what about the Web?" That question proved most fortuitous.

As we all know, the Web reaches millions around the globe - including you, right now! So, we thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you about our lives and adventures. After all, we're here not just one day, but for 365 days of the year. So we cordially open a window for you into our world. We hope you'll come back often and make www.basilbaker.com a regular virtual reality stop in your cyber-wanderings. Check out what's new next week. Take care - and good surfing!

Publishing note: A Day in the Life of Carmel by the Sea is soon to be a MultiTouch book for the iPad. Look for it later in 2014.

Meanwhile, some other really good news: catch my sleuthly exploits in the MultiTouch book Venice Under Glass for the iPad. It's for fantasy lovers of all ages:

Venice Under Glass is now available for download from iTunes.


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